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Building and Empowering Visual Artists


Since 2008, I have used in-depth experiences with art mediums, art theory, art history, and analysis to ensure a more thorough education in visual art for all of my students. My objective is to provide each student with a fulfilling and fun understanding of visual art and techniques coupled with creation of personal works with a variety of mediums, hands-on projects, observation, and thought-provoking discussions in my home studio.

The journey of each artist is never-ending and full of discovery, beauty, perseverance, and excitement. I hope to start and share this journey with you or someone you know who's ready to take that first step!


Lessons & Classes

Individual and group lessons for children, teens, and adults, plus weekly classes for ages 17 and up.


Individual Lessons

Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced

Whether you're just beginning to discover art, or have experience with drawing and painting and are looking for a challenge, individual lessons in the studio feature a variety of drawing and painting medium choices to use and learn from. Lessons consist of direct and personalized instruction that fits each student's experience, interests, and ambitions in a one-on-one environment in my home studio. Lessons for students ages 5-11 are 30 minutes each week, and lessons for students ages 12 and up are for 60 minutes and occur weekly. Contact me for more details!


Group Lessons

Lessons with groups of 2-4 students

Are you and a friend (or friends) or a family member seeking to take art lessons together? If so, group lessons may be right for you! Group lessons are lessons that consist of 2 or more students in the studio. It is recommended that all students in the group have the same level of experience to ensure consistent artistic growth. Group lessons for ages 5-11 are 45 minutes weekly, and group lessons for ages 12 and up are for an hour weekly. Contact me for more details if interested!


Visual Art Classes for Adults

Quarterly Classes Featuring Drawing and Painting

Beginning August 8th, 2021, classes for beginner and intermediate/advanced students will take place Sunday afternoon. Each class features specific mediums for each individual quarter. These quarter classes run approximately three months. Maximum capacity for classes is 4 students. Tuition must be paid before the registration deadline to secure a place in the class for the quarter. 

Beginner Studio Art Class (Sundays 1:00-3:00): This class is for adult students who are beginning their journey in visual art. Each quarter features a different syllabus with different mediums. Below are details about the class:

Quarter I: August 8th-November 7th: Intro to Drawing: Students will learn basic drawing skills and techniques featuring in-studio projects and outside sketchbook assignments or secondary projects. Mediums featured in this quarter are graphite, charcoal, and pen & ink.

Intermediate & Advanced Studio Art Class (Sundays 3:00-5:00): This class is for adult students who have either completed my studio's beginner course class or have had previous experience in drawing and painting. The instructor will evaluate potential student's portfolio to determine the right class for the student before the class begins. Each quarter features a different syllabus with different mediums. Below are details about the class:

Quarter I: August 8th-November 7th: Intermediate & Advanced Black & White Drawing: Students will create art pieces that feature the subject matter of their choice, as well as pieces that are constructed using platforms and stipulations created by the instructor in the studio. Secondary projects are required. Mediums featured in this quarter are graphite, charcoal, and pen & ink.

Quarter II will feature color media drawing, and Quarters III & IV focus on painting.

Registration deadline for Quarter I classes is August 6th. Contact me at laneartstudios@gmail.com for information regarding tuition, supplies, and curriculum. 

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