Summer Art Camps

Summer Art Camps are a great opportunity for kids and teens to explore various art mediums and techniques, expand upon their previous knowledge and experiences with art, and make friends. Each summer camp is five days, with each day featuring a new project and medium. Registration deadline for all summer camps is May 20th, 2021. Space is limited.

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  • Kids Crash Course Camp (for grades 1st-5th): June 7th-June 11th 9:00am-12:00pm *$225.00 per student

Monday: Black & White Drawing Dynamics: Pencil drawing and shading techniques will be explored along with India ink & bamboo pen drawing. Students will create black and white landscape drawings. 

Tuesday: Oil Pastel & Crayon Workshop: Exploring the use and techniques of oil pastel and crayon. Projects featuring these mediums will be created in a follow-along method.

Wednesday: Watercolor Workshop: Students will learn basic watercolor techniques, watercolor pencil use, and creating watercolor paintings. 

Thursday: Acrylic Basics Workshop: Students will learn how to mix colors and use paintbrushes with acrylic paints, and creating a painting in class.

Friday: Collage Crash: Students will learn cutting skills, use paper collaging, and acrylics to create a mixed media piece on canvas. 

  • Teen Studio Camp I (for grades 6th-8th) June 14th-18th, 9:00am-12:00pm *$225.00 per student

Monday: Graphite Sketch Sessions: Understanding graphite & pencil use, outdoor & indoor sketching of subjects & refining drawings. 

Tuesday: Color India Ink & Pen Drawing: Learning techniques using India ink, class follow along of landscape piece using colored India ink & pens.

Wednesday: Marker & Yupo Paintings & Drawings: Students will work with Yupo paper to create marker "paintings", and create illustrations or comics on marker paper using illustrator markers and pen.  

Thursday: Acrylic Monochromatic Color Paintings: Students will learn how to apply monochromatic color techniques using acrylic paint on canvas. 

Friday: Watercolor Workshop: Students will learn glazing, wet into wet, and masking fluid techniques to create two watercolor paintings.

  • Teen Studio Camp II (grades 9th-12th) June 21st-25th, 9:00am-12:00pm *$225.00 per student

Monday: Graphite Basics & Still Life Study: Students will learn/review graphite tools and use, and execute a drawing of a still life in graphite. 

Tuesday: Colored Pencil Workshop: Students will learn how to accurately use and blend colored pencils and create a drawing on colored paper using Prismacolors and techniques learned in the studio. 

Wednesday: Relief Printmaking Workshop: Students will learn about relief printmaking and create linoleum block prints using black ink and mulberry paper.

Thursday: Texturized Acrylic Painting: Texturized acrylic paintings using gel mediums, modeling paste, acrylics, brushes and palette knives will be created in class while following along with techniques that the instructor implements. 

Friday: Watercolor Landscapes: Students will learn watercolor basics such as glazing, and create two landscape paintings within the class. 

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