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Student and Parent Testimonials

Mrs. Lane’s art class brings a whole new perspective and importance of the art world. Her teachings in her class provide various ways of making art much better than using simple crayons or colored pencils. Her art lessons bring new challenges and those challenges push you to think outside of the box. Many classes I’ve taken with her helped me apply art to the real world. Mrs. Lane is always there to help when you’re truly struggling and don’t know what to exactly do. I highly recommend her art classes.


Mrs. Lane, in simple terms, is awesome! I took classes with her for 5 years and throughout that time she helped me develop my art skills and taught me that you don’t have to be perfect to make beautiful pieces. She is very patient but also knows when to push to get you to reach your full ability. Even when I was struggling, Mrs. Lane always knew exactly how to help and she made me believe in myself even when I had doubts about my artistic talent. She is dedicated and energetic and her love for art is truly apparent.


Mrs. Lane made me passionate about art and helped me to improve my art skills. I learned so much in your class and had so much fun!


The things you taught me this summer made my ceramic pieces so much more beautiful! You gave me confidence to tackle a project I never would have thought I could do.


Paige is a very talented and patient artist and teacher. Fun, positive, and encouraging!


My thirteen years old daughter, Chloe, took her first lesson with Paige five years ago and has been excited about art lessons ever since!
At first we thought lessons would be a good supplement to art class in middle school. It quickly became obvious that art lessons with Paige would be her primary source of art education. Paige's extensive knowledge of art history, techniques, and personalized instruction ensure every lesson is educational and fun!
Chloe says: "Five Stars!"


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